Friday, March 06, 2009

Serial remodeler (sometime in 2007, about a year after our remodel was finished)

I want to do another remodel. I miss the whole creative process and project.

I dreamt about redoing a gazebo I found in the backyard. How come I had never noticed it there before?

Dark wood. 159 years old?

Lots of ideas. Lots of fun planning. The architect and I bounce ideas off each other.

Lots of nice old wood and thoughts about how to reuse it.

Then the cost: $150,000. The dream dies.

Then I dreamt about a perfect apartment where we had everything done and painted just so. It was the perfect location. For some reason we moved out. Too small? But it was perfect. Visited the person who had moved in and envied how perfect they had it. They just needed to order one more piece of furniture for the west wall, then it would be truly done.

Another friend (Anushe?) had bought the lot next door and planned to build a house there. It seemed the perfect plan. But instead she was going to sell it and move elsewhere. Why?

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