Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Reheating without the microwave

One of my favorite uses of the microwave is to reheat food. Since it works by heating up the water molecules, it doesn't seem to dry out the food. Also, you can heat it up right in your bowl/plate. And, since your plate/bowl can then go right in the dishwasher, it is one less plate/bowl to wash. And it is fast.

Heating leftovers up on the stove usually requires washing a pot and eating out of a different dish.  Which, lets face it, is a pain.

Until now.

While I don't know that microwaves are an unmitigated evil, I have been reading about how
the super heated water molecules can render the food less nutritious. Since my gut has been having difficulty absorbing nutrients, I'd like to avoid the microwave to get as many good nutrients as possible with my calories.

Advantages of microwave:
  • moist
  • fast
  • one dish
  • energy efficient

Advantages of stovetop:
  • more nutritious food in a more natural state (this is my current priority!!!)
  • gently, evenly warmed food that doesn't explode

Design Problem:

How to get all the nutrition of stove-top rewarming with the easy clean-up of microwave rewarming.

Design Solution:

I found these wonderful small pots that are about the size and shape of a large bowl. They have a nice enamel coating that cleans up easily. Combine this pot with a silicone lid, and I have most of the advantages of a microwave back.

My new microwave oven:

I put my portion of food from the fridge into the pot, put the pot on the stove, place the lid on top to increase energy efficiency and keep moisture in, and in a few minutes, I have a nice, warm meal. I don't find waiting 5 minutes instead of 2 to be that much of a problem. And my food is gently and evenly warmed, not burned and sputtering (as can happen in the microwave).

I place a hot pad on the table and eat directly out of the pot. (I know my grandma said never to do this, but it is a pretty cute pot—just a metal bowl with a handle…)

Then I put the pot directly in the dishwasher, just like I would with a plate or bowl.

And no microwave to clean.

All of the warmth and nutrition—without the mess!

I am also enjoying my silicon lids for other leftovers in the fridge, like this chicken salad in my hand-thrown bowl by my friend Melissa Beckwith of


paula darwent said...

I have some shallow enamel pans that have a removable handle. Using these would have even satisfied your grandmother and my mother - your other grandmother. Paula

cda said...

You are so cool. Now I want some of those enamel pans!