Monday, June 30, 2008

Wine store

I try not to take the kids on too many errands, a few stops is usually their limit. So I was surprised when Kadin seemed okay with going to the liquor store after the bank. He waltzes right in and picks out a bottle of red called, “Woop, Woop,” a name we had laughed over at home.

Kadin (age 7): “Here’s the Woop, Woop, Mom”

Me: “Oh hey, thanks, sure, let’s get that. But I prefer the Fairvalley Pinotage.”

Kadin: “That’s right over here, Mom, here’s the Fairvalley.”

Whoa. What is this kid doing? I was trying not to turn red. It looked like this was a daily occurrence or something. I know a few months ago he came down here with Greg, and apparently they had had a really fun time with it, Greg involving him in every decision.

Kadin: “Did you want a chianti? There’s a fruity one in the middle row.”

A fruity one in the middle row. Okay, we’ll get that too. Honestly, we only go to buy wine every few months, but this was looking really bad. Or really good, depending on your point of view. When I go into a wine store, I can barely remember what I bought, what I liked, where in the store it came from, etc. etc., but Kadin obviously remembered the whole thing in great detail. I might just take advantage of that skill of his and bring him along more often…. It was one of the best mixed-cases we’ve ever bought. A future sommelier in the family?

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