Tuesday, January 16, 2007

More outdoor tips from last weekend’s paper

No Swimming: much of what you know about surviving an avalanche is wrong

Okay, and then there was this skiing piece—

Hucking yourself off your first cliff: jumping off cliffs takes a little practice but isn’t as hard as it may seem

Right, so we’ve got 72-hour marathons, running trails at night, surviving avalanches, and jumping off cliffs. Do any of these sound like good ideas to you? I didn't even write about the 53 year old man who free solos (that's rock climbing without ropes) 1,500 vertical feet every morning. He said the experience was "embiggening" which is right up there with "Danielesque" in my book. Such is life in Boulder. Can't wait to see what's suggested in next weekend's paper.

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Mom said...

Does the amount the outdoor activity in Colorado correlate with the fact that Coloradoans live longer than the people in any other state? (See: http://www.livescience.com/humanbiology/060912_ap_life_expectancy.html)

The Harvard study of longevity by county concludes that the reasons behind long life spans are very complex. For example you could conclude that people who choose to live in Colorado because there are many opportunities for vigorous out-door activity, are more fit in the first place.