Monday, November 21, 2005


I'm back from my fantastic, refreshing, 48-hour jaunt, and here are a few of the things I learned in Boston:

The T still uses quaint tokens, but now they're $1.25 each.

The buses cost 90¢. An amount that is confusing. But on some buses you pay when you get off, so cheapskates like me can count their change the whole time they are riding.

The landmark for Pine Street in Belmont (of B&K's new abode, THE destination for Saturday night) is a Beech tree.

It is pretty easy to do most of your Christmas shopping at one shop in Harvard Square between the T and the bus.

I really, really like spending time with old friends. It feels so right. (Okay, I already knew that, but it is nice to be reminded anew.)

There is now a Silver Line to Logan airport from South Station. Easy and convienient.

There is a day spa at terminal C, but late on Sunday night, it is not happening.

The grilled chicken salads at the airport Burger King are the same as the ones at Legal Seafood and the deli, but cost half as much.

Thanks, everyone, for such a great time! Let's do it again soon!

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