Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The kittens were just the kindling

I thought getting kittens might stem the kids' desires for a pet. We have two fantastic, interactive kittens, with Rex being our own reptile-like mammal. But no. The kids' love of the kittens has just fueled the flames for more and more pets. Pets that have been requested and researched so far include: armadillos, horses, geckos, anoles, Chinese water dragons, iguanas, tortoises, and various dinosaurs. Really. The pressure is intense and constant. In day-dreamy moments I picture myself owning a Chinese water dragon, some cats, an armadillo, a tortoise, and perhaps a sugar glider. Why not? A menagerie of various cages and foods and smells all around the house. Then I think, “What, am I crazy?”


Anonymous said...

Jen - Read "My family and Other Animals" by Gerald Durrell.
You may have a family of little Durells and a small zoo in your house.

cda said...

Wow. I'd forgotten about Gerald Durrell, but I LOVED his books when I read them back when. Great suggestion, Diana!

cda said...

Oh, and Jen, think about all the blogging opportunities if you get more pets. I'm all for it. (Yes, I am crazy.)