Wednesday, April 20, 2005

What we had for dinner last night: Crepe bar

Okay, so not last night, in fact some months ago, and not dinner, but still a good chain of meals.

One Sunday we had Steve and Gina over for brunch and made a crepe bar.
Crepes with fillings ranging from the savory:
sautéed spinach with feta, chili
Moving towards the sweet:
banana, ground walnuts, berries, yogurt, lemon juice, butter, sugar

On Monday we had soup, with smoothies made from leftover bananas, berries, and yogurt.

On Tuesday we had Indonesian fried rice from leftover cooked rice and substited tofu for meat and/or eggs and used the rest of the ground walnuts in that. Great with peas and pineapple or other canned fruit.

The leftover spinach and chili fillings were used up as tasty sandwich toppings for lunch.

The kids love eating from a self-serve "bar" like this. Other "bars" that I like to serve, especially when we have another family with kids over:
pasta bar (red sauce, pesto, cheese, olive oil, bean sauce, olives, tomatoes, etc.)
burrito bar (rice, beans, cheese, tomatoes, corn, etc.)
waffle bar (yogurt, berries, syrup, butter, powdered sugar, etc.)
curry bar (rice, curry, coconut, nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit, raisins, etc.)

I find that kids will often eat all the ingredients in a meal, just not when they are mixed together. They like things simple and fresh, and they like to customize!

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