Thursday, April 07, 2005

Finger's crossed still

Well, we still hear them pecking on OUR house from time to time, like they just can’t resist. But they also seem to have taken up residence in THEIR house. At lunch, Kadin said, “look mommy, look, the woodpecker is in the house!” And sure enough, I could see that long, roman beak coming out of the hole in the birdhouse. I’ve closed the shade in the kitchen again so we don’t scare them away from their house. We can see it and they seem to know this, so we’ll keep a low profile for a while. Now, what we need to find out is if they still rattle their own houses. I read that they like a sounding board to mark their territory, let's just hope it is not the same sounding board their house is on.

If this solution works, it will be one of those great solutions that works with the problem instead of against it. In the best case scenario, we get to keep our house, they get their house, they defend our house, and we coexist peacefully together. As an added bonus, we might get to watch a pair of flickers raise their family. The worst case scenario...well let's not mention the worst case just yet. My imagination is way to fertile on that score.

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