Thursday, March 10, 2005

PROJECT: more spring ideas

Well, I hear that the northeast is still under a lot of snow. Here are a few projects to encourage the spring.

Bring in cut forsythia branches, and other budding twigs, place in water to “force” the blooms.

Plant whole wheat kernels (available in bulk bins at whole-food stores) in a shallow dish with soil to grow “wheat grass.” Attractive greenery, great medium for displays, and cats, I’m told, love it. You can even mow or trim it for fun, or use it as a garnish or in smoothies.

On the first day of spring (20 March) the kids and I like to bake a special “Spring Foccacia” to celebrate:

Make your favorite foccacia dough (basically, simple bread dough or pizza dough with added olive oil). Roll it out and decoratively place a few thin slices of lemon (sunshine), peel and all, on top. Brush with plenty of olive oil then sprinkle with fresh parsley (or any delicious green herb to symbolize new growth). Sprinkle with lemon juice and rock salt crystals and maybe roll it again a bit to mush everything in so it all sticks to the top. Bake as directed in dough recipe.

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