Saturday, February 26, 2005

The Person I Admire the Most...

A piece of paper with this heading came home in Rees' Friday folder (the kids around here all bring home a folder on Friday with their work from the week, news for parents, a place for parents to write notes back the teachers, etc.) Under the heading "The Person I Admire the Most..." was a central circle for the name of the person and around that circle other circles for the qualities of this person. And the person was...

Drum roll please....

No, it wasn't me or his father, it was...


Here, unedited, is how Rees filled in the other circles:

Describe the person: small, funny

Why would I like to be like this person? I like beaing small

What kind of things does the person do? he playes with me

How does this person make the world a better place? he saves things that can blow away

Qualities: he remids me of things to play

Why: If my mom and my dad are bote busy I can play with him


That just made my week.

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